Best Options for the Best Accident Lawyers

The complication in the processes of claims of damages, whether material, personal (injuries) or economic damages suffered due to traffic accidents, is a fact since the new Traffic Scale of 2016 came into force.

  • While before the claims reached the judicial route sooner rather than later, now the injured party is forced to take a series of “extrajudicial” steps before going to that route.
  • Nevertheless, the process is not easy.

The Main after the Accident

At the time of a traffic accident, we must ensure:

  • The physical state in which we are and if we have been victims of any injury by the scope. If the injuries are considered, it is strongly recommended to call an ambulance.
  • To check the reasons that led to the accident and the circumstances that have intervened in it.
  • From the material damages suffered in our vehicle and in that of the other person or persons involved in the accident.
  • The personal data of potential drivers, vehicles, and insurance contracted by each.

To call the police so that they lift the corresponding report in case there are discrepancies with respect to the origin or reason that caused the accident. This is important in order to determine the culpability in the incident. In the event that there is no discrepancy, but one of the drivers acknowledges their fault, it is not absolutely necessary to notify the police, only recommended. You need the Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyers there.

  • To take pictures of all the vehicles involved in the traffic accident, the position in which they were left after the accident and, especially, the concrete material damage suffered.
  • From not moving the vehicles of your position, as far as possible for the rest of the traffic, as long as the police do not arrive if that were the case.
  • From, if necessary, obtain the personal data of possible witnesses of the accident, in case it could be necessary in case of a judicial claim.

Friendly Part

If there is an understanding between the parties, fill in the corresponding friendly part. This is a crucial step for the future claim. It must be properly filled, with reference to the data regarding the date, time and address of the accident, reference to the vehicles involved (registration, make, model, color), data of the drivers and policy holders-holders, number of policy, company.

It is particularly important to reflect concretely how the accident occurred, even with a sketch or drawing of the maneuver, and also to determine the material and personal damage that may have been caused, as well as the data of witnesses of the accident. Once filled and signed by the parties, each driver will keep a copy. Then you contact the Pittsburgh auto accident lawyer.

Emergency Medical Part

In the event that one of the drivers has suffered physical injuries or has doubts that they may have, go to an emergency medical service to review our health status and provide us with the corresponding medical assistance, where the injuries suffered, prognosis and treatment. Especially important is to check that all the injuries suffered are collected in it.