Guide to Roof Installations

When homeowners need a new roof put on their homes, they want to know they are receiving the best value for their investment. They rely on their roofs to protect their homes and homeowners want those roofs to function correctly for years into the future. Roof installations come with many new options and features, and homeowners can become overwhelmed trying to sort through all of the possibilities. A great roofing contractor can help a homeowner make wise decisions for their home.

Roofing Material Options

Asphalt shingles are still used in a vast majority of homes, but homeowners can choose from several other options as well. Slate and ceramic shingles are newer options available. Both offer longer expected lives than asphalt, but they are not always suitable for all climates. Metal roofs are gaining in popularity because they are relatively low maintenance and more environmentally friendly. However, a homeowner who chooses a metal roof needs to be sure they are selecting a contractor experienced with metal roof installation. Check here for great info on hiring a roofing contractor.

Get a Written Estimate

When a homeowner has chosen a roofing shingle material, look for several roofing contractors in the area who have experience installing that type of roofing material. Reputable roofing contractors offer free estimates to prospective clients. Be sure to discuss warranty information with each company and understand how they vary based on the particular roofing material chosen. Additionally, while most manufacturers offer warranties on their shingles, an installation error can cause the warranty to be void. Some contractors will stand behind their work and offer customers a labor warranty. Pay particular attention to contractors who will stand behind their work with a warranty.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

A new roof is a significant investment in a home and homeowners need to carefully evaluate all estimates. Do not make the mistake of assuming the lowest estimate will be the best option. Evaluate the roofing material type, contractor experience, and available warranties, and decide what will provide the best overall value. A homeowner wanting to spend less today may end up paying more overall through future roofing repairs. Homeowners need to choose the materials they feel will best fit the house and the contractor with whom they feel most confident.